Getting Started

Quick Start Guide

    1. Create an Account:
        ○ Visit
        ○ Click 'Sign Up' in the top-right corner.
        ○ Select 'Employer' as your account type.
        ○ Sign in using Google, or enter your contact and company details.
        ○ Add your company description and logo (editable anytime).
    2. Set Up Your Profile:
        ○ After signing up, go to 'My Account'.
        ○ Edit your profile and view your job postings.
    3. Choose a Pricing Plan:
        ○ No job postings yet? Click 'Pricing' under 'Employer'.
        ○ Choose from Free Job, Premium Job, or Featured Company.
        ○ Visit the pricing page for more details or contact us with questions.
    4. Post a Job:
        ○ Complete checkout, then visit 'Post a Job'.
        ○ Fill in job details, preview, and click 'Post'.
        ○ Make a payment to finalize the job posting.
    5. Track Your Job Posting:
        ○ View job performance statistics on 'My Account'.
        ○ Featured Companies get top homepage placement for a year.
    6. Need Help?:
        ○ Visit 'Contact' to send us a message.

Note: Use a company-associated email for employer accounts.

Answers to Common Questions
Q: Can I view job performance statistics?
A: Yes. Your 'My Account' page displays views, applications, and click rates for your job.
Q: What if my job is filled before 30 days?
A: Sign in and close the job. It will be removed as it's filled within 30 days.
Q: What if the job application closing date is within 30 days?
A: The job will expire and be delisted after the application closing date passes.
Q: What types of jobs can be posted?
A: Only aviation, space, and related jobs. This includes roles at airports, airlines, aerospace, satellite, space, or aviation sectors. Unsure about your job's eligibility? Contact us for clarification.
(Refer to the Employer FAQ for more details.)
Last updated: 18 January 2024