FAQ for Job Seekers

What is AirportTalent.com?

AirportTalent.com is an independent aviation job site and a career resource for the aviation community worldwide. We help connect companies hiring with aviation talent in a user-friendly way. You can create your resume/CV and apply to jobs on AirportTalent.com.

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Why look for jobs on Airporttalent.com?
Almost all of our jobs require candidates to have a degree or equivalent so if you are looking for entry, mid, senior or executive aviation jobs, you're in the right place.  

Why work in aviation?

Entering the aviation sector brings with it nice opportunities for career growth many times at an international level. 


Who is AirportTalent.com for?

AirportTalent.com is for job seekers looking for aviation jobs, for freelance consultants looking for projects, and for employers, recruiters and executive search firms looking for aviation talent.


How to start?

  1. To start your job seeking journey head first to https://airporttalent.com.

  2. You can freely search for jobs, but to apply for one you must first create an account so click the Sign Up button in the upper-right corner.

  3. Choose as account type: Job Seeker.

  4. If you want to, sign in with your LinkedIn profile. Otherwise just fill in all your contact information.

  5. Once you are done, click the Register button to create your account.

  6. You will be directed to the 'My Account' page. Once there, you can create your Resume/CV so that employers can view your experience when you submit your job application.

  7. Now you can head back to https://airporttalent.com and search for a job. Once you have found a job that you are interested in you can easily apply for it. If the employer is interested in you, you will get a response.


How do I search for jobs?

Go to homepage or jobs to search for a job. Then enter a Keyword and/or Location.

For example, if you are looking for an airport planning job in Spain.

  1. Enter 'Planning' or 'Planner' in Keyword.

  2. Enter 'Spain' in Location

  3. Refine your search by Category, Job Type and Salary Range. 

  4. Click Enter

You will then see all jobs according to your criteria. If there are no jobs in the search result, it means there are no jobs fitting your criteria. Return regularly to check again for new jobs or sign up by email for job alerts.


Do I need to create an account on AirportTalent.com to apply for a job?

Yes, you do. When you apply for a job, a request to create a new account will be created.


How do I receive email notifications for new jobs?

Log into your account, then go to job alerts (located at the upper right of the homepage) and create an alert. As soon as a job meeting your criteria is posted, you will receive an email notification.


How much does it cost to apply for a job?

It doesn't cost anything to apply or search for a job.


How much does it cost to search for a job?

It does not cost anything to search for a job.


How do I delete my account?

Go to the 'My Account'. Head to your profile. Scroll down and click 'Delete Profile'


Where do I contact you if I still have questions?

Just fill out the contact form to get in touch.  


Disclaimer: AirportTalent.com monitors job postings, employer profiles and candidate sign up to maintain quality of the site. Effort is made to detect and remove fake jobs or troll postings and account from our site. If you experience this, contact support@airporttalent.com immediately with link to the profile, job or other. Thank you.