FAQ for Employers

About AirportTalent.com

  • Digital recruitment service for aviation and space sectors.
  • Connects companies with qualified candidates.
  • Post jobs, access a professional database, and leverage social media promotion.
  • Welcomes all aviation and space-related jobs, including entry-level and internships.
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Working with Recruitment Firms

  • Collaborations with recruitment companies and executive search firms.
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Why Post Jobs Here?

  • Global reach and industry-specific focus.
  • Benefits include social media exposure, quality candidates, branding opportunities.
  • Competitive pricing with custom solutions.
  • SEO-optimized profiles and job performance tracking.
  • Secure and supported collaborative environment.

Who We Serve

  • Partnering with employers and recruiters across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.
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Account Creation

  • Employer profile creation required to post jobs.
  • Company bio and logo (143x143 pixels) needed.
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Account Sharing

  • Teams can share an account linked to a company email.
  • Multiple teams require separate accounts and job product purchases.

Ordering Process

  • Choose job products on the 'Post a Job' page.
  • Follow the instructions or contact us for assistance.

Payment Options

  • Prefer Euros or Swiss Francs, other currencies accepted upon request.
  • Contact us for alternative currency invoicing.

Job Listing Duration

  • Each job listing stays online for 30 days.

Job Statistics

  • View job views, applications, and click-through rates on 'My Account' page.

Improving Job Attraction

  • Story-based, engaging job descriptions recommended.
  • Marketing or branding department collaboration advised.
  • Contact us for job description assistance.
  • Check out our employer resources.


  • Due to digital nature, purchases are non-refundable.

Payment Methods

  • Payments accepted via Stripe (credit/debit cards, Apple Pay).
  • Alternate payment methods available upon request.
  • Contact us for payment queries.


  • Online payments preferred, but invoicing available.
  • Job postings go live post-payment.
  • Request an invoice.

Online Security

  • Secure payments through Stripe with encrypted data protection.

Application Quality Assurance

  • Regular manual reviews of candidate and employer profiles.
  • Targeted promotion for quality candidate engagement.
  • Contact us for custom ad campaigns.

Job Posting Timeline

  • Jobs go live after account setup, job creation, and payment.
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Job Promotion

  • Promoted on website, job alerts, and social media.
  • Integrated with New Airport Insider's website.
  • Premium Jobs with targeted campaigns recommended for urgent hires.
  • See pricing page or contact us for more details.

Volume Recruitment Solutions

  • Custom plans for large-scale recruitment, including job automation.
  • Contact us for a quote.

Job Seeker Demographics

  • Global audience distribution detailed.

Optimal Recruiting Months

  • Active months: February, March, April, November, December.
  • Slower periods: January, September.
  • Least active: August.

Job and Account Approval Criteria

  • English language and sector-specific jobs.
  • Professional roles only, no fake or generic postings.
  • Location inclusion required.
  • Remote job posting guidelines.
  • Company email and logo mandatory.
  • Specific information for full/part-time jobs and projects.
  • Contact us for clarification.

Password Reset

Account Deletion

  • To delete, log in, go to 'My Account', and click 'Delete Profile'.


  • Vigilance against fake accounts.
  • Right to remove non-compliant jobs or accounts.
  • Contact us for any concerns.


Last updated: 18 January 2024