FAQ for Employers

 Updated: 5 January 2023

What is AirportTalent.com?

AirportTalent.com is a quality digital recruitment service for the aviation and space sectors. We help connect companies that are hiring with qualified aviation and space applicants in a user-friendly way.

You can post aviation and space-related jobs on AirportTalent.com. We have a good-sized database of experienced professionals and a highly-engaged audience, and we promote your jobs to relevant professionals in our network. Entry level jobs, trainee jobs, graduate roles and paid internships are also welcome. Get started and sign up.


Do you work with recruitment companies and executive search firms?

Yes, we do. Contact us.


Why post jobs on AirportTalent.com?

  • Global audience
  • Aviation and space focus (airport, airline, business aviation, MRO, aerospace, satellite, drones and more)
  • Social media reach
  • Quality applicants
  • Employer branding
  • Competitive and flexible pricing
  • Custom solutions
  • Search engine optimized jobs and company profiles
  • Job performance reporting
  • Developed by New Airport Insider, a digital publication launched in 2013
  • Approval steps in place for quality control
  • Encrypted secure environment
  • Ongoing priority support

We work closely with clients and view this as a collaboration instead of just a supplier/client relationship.


Who does AirportTalent.com work with?

We work with employers, recruiters and executive search firms in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. See a list of companies we work with. 


Do I need to create an account to post jobs on AirportTalent.com?

Yes, you do. When you want to post jobs, you will be asked to create an employer profile (before you can post jobs). This profile consists of a company bio and logo. Register to post jobs.


Do I need a logo for my account?

Yes, you do. Having a logo for your company profile increases the conversion rate of jobs (the number of candidates applying to jobs) and improves the job seeker experience. When you create an employer profile, upload a company logo (optimal size is 143x143 pixels).


Can my team use the same employer account?

Yes, they can. To do this, the account you registered with should be linked to the company team email. If there are multiple recruitment teams globally, each team will have to create a new account and purchase a new job product.


How do I place an order?

Head over to post a job, select the product you want and follow the instructions. If you need help, get in touch.


Can I buy job products in US Dollars, British Pounds or other currencies?

Yes, you can.We prefer payments in Euros or Swiss Francs, however, we do accept orders in other currencies, but you will need to contact us so that we invoice you separately. 


How long will my jobs be online for?

All jobs are online for 30 days.


Can I view job statistics?

Yes, you can. On the My Account page you can see how many people viewed your jobs, applied to your jobs and the jobs' click through rate (conversion rate).


How can I get applicants for my jobs?

Many job seekers are not attracted to traditional job descriptions. Successful job descriptions should be story-based, telling job seekers what they can do, learn and become. We recommend you speak with your marketing, communication or branding department so that they help you write a good job description that will get attention and a higher number of applicants. If you need help, contact us to get your jobs rewritten for optimal results.

This also applies to company profiles and career pages for optimal employer branding. Contact us for advice. Also, take a look at the employer resources we put together for you.


How do I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of job listings and company profiles, all purchases are non-refundable.


How do I pay?

AirportTalent.com uses Stripe to accept payments via major credit, debit cards and Apple Pay. If you want to pay in another way or you need help, contact us.


Can you invoice our company?

We are set up for online payment, however, if you prefer that we invoice you, we can. Note that your job posting will not be online until after your payment has been received by us. Payments are due upfront prior to a job being published. Once an order is placed and payment is made, it is non-refundable. To request an invoice, contact us.


Is paying online secure?

Yes, it is. We use Stripe as a main payment gateway to safeguard your payment information. Your information is encrypted and sent through a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer so that it cannot be read in transit by a third party.  


How do you ensure application quality?

We manually and regularly review candidate and employer registrations on our website and the email list to maintain quality. Furthermore, we search for and find quality audiences (qualified applicants) when we promote your jobs on social media channels or via a custom digital ad campaign (by request only).


How long will it take for my jobs appear on AirportTalent.com?

Jobs are published after your account is set up, your jobs are uploaded and payment is made. Contact us if you need help.


Are my jobs promoted anywhere?

Yes, your jobs will be promoted on our website, in Job Alerts which is sent to suitable job seekers based on their specific requirements and on social media channels. Moreover, AirportTalent.com is integrated in New Airport Insider's website (see Jobs in top menu on New Airport Insider). Occasionally, we may promote senior management roles in New Airport Insider's email newsletter.

If you have a senior, a hard to fill or urgent to fill role, we recommend an advanced micro targeted digital campaign. To find out more about this solution, contact us.


Do you cater to volume recruiters?

Yes, we do. We can create a custom job product for you which enables large-scale recruitment, hiring and includes job automation (subject to technical specifications). To learn more and to get a quote, contact us


Where are job seekers located?

AirportTalent.com's visitors are based in North America (38%), Western Europe (23%), Australia and New Zealand (6%), U.A.E (4%) with the remainder in the rest of the world (2018).

New Airport Insider's audience is located in Europe (45%), North America (24%), Asia (19%), Australia and New Zealand (6%), South America (4%), Africa (2%) (2017). The North American and Asian audiences continue to grow.


What are the best months to recruit?

Based on data analytics, the most active months (when candidates search for new job opportunities) are February, March, April, November and December. Slow months are January and September while during August, no one actively looks for a new job.


Why wasn't my job (or employer account) approved or deactivated?

We moderate job listings based on a few criteria, including:

  • All jobs must be in English
  • This job site is for jobs in the aviation and space sectors (Airport, Airline, Space, Aerospace, Business Aviation, Satellite, MRO, Drones, Aviation Consultancies, Aviation-related roles at engineering companies...). If you are unsure, contact us.
  • Professional, management and administrative roles only.
  • Only actual, real jobs can be posted. No generic job posts, fake jobs, career events or recruitment drives. Should you have an announcement to make, buy one of our banners. See banner details and contact us.
  • Jobs need a location. Including the location (street address) of jobs will make your jobs perform better in search, certainly in Google for Jobs results.
  • Multiple locations - If your company offers a job with multiple locations, add one location to the job and mention multiple locations at the beginning or at the end of the job post (please do not add all locations in the job title). Or, create a separate job for each location.
  • For remote jobs, select Remote as location. And add country/continent as preferred location. Example: Remote (USA). Note that Google for Jobs supports remote location and a growing number of job seekers search for remote work in the aviation and space sectors (we've seen the numbers). If you want to get your remote jobs amplified even more to find your ideal talent, contact us.
  • Registered employers must use an email and/or domain associated with the company (not that of a third party nor a personal email).
  • Registered employers need to upload a logo to their account as this improves the candidate search experience. Optimal size is 143x143 pixels.
  • Your job listing must have adequate information, including contact information and:

For full and part time jobs, write position details, including what exactly will the applicant be doing, salary range and skills you require.

For projects, please be as specific as possible about the nature of your project as well as your budget.  


I forgot my password, how can I reset my password?

It’s easy to reset your password, whether you’ve forgotten it or just need to change it. Simply go to password recovery and enter your email address to get a reset link.


How do I delete my account?

We're sorry to see you go. If you are sure you want close your account, you must first log in and go to the "My Account" page. Go to your employer profile, scroll down and click "Delete Profile".


Disclaimer: Effort is made to detect and remove fake accounts from our website. AirportTalent.com reserves the right to remove from its website any job or employer account that fails to adhere to these guidelines or results in excessive user complaints or spam. Inclusion of jobs at any one time does not guarantee its inclusion at another time. If you experience this, contact us immediately with link to the profile, job or other.