Last Update: 14 November 2021

Below are valuable links to articles that can help you in your search journey to find your ideal talent. 



Career Page 101 Tutorial (Workable) 

Candidate Journey

What Four Years of Research (and COVID-19) Reveals About Candidate Expectations (ERE)

5 Ways You Can Improve Candidate Experience (Alongside)

Hiring Managers Reveal the Best Phone Interview Strategies (Jobs2Career)


Employer Branding

Why Bother with Employer Branding? (Undercover Recruiter)



How to Build a Strategic Hiring Plan (Workable)

The New Model for Modern Recruiting (Jobvite)

Top Three Talent Acquisition Strategies for 2017 (Jobvite)



The Dos and Don’ts of Employee Poaching (Recruiter)



5 Traits of Productive Recruiters (ERE)



Slow Hiring Is Damaging Your Firm and Here Are 20 Reasons Why (ERE)


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Resources Hub (Recruitics)


Google for Jobs

What Google for Jobs Means for Recruiters (Wepow)