Career Advice

Last update: 21 May 2022


To advance your career or get your dream job, be properly prepared when applying and interviewing for the job. Here below you will find a few career resources to support you in this journey. 

Resume / CV

How to Write a Resumé
8 Resources to Help You Craft the Perfect Resumé
The 9 Deadliest CV Mistakes
5 Powerful Verbs to Pump Up Your Resumé
My Team Reviews 1,000,000 Resumes a Year and These Are the People Who Stand Out
10 Powerful Changes for Your Senior Level Resumé

Building a Professional Portfolio

Perfecting Your Professional Portfolio

Personal Branding

Personal Branding Dos and Don’ts


How to Ace an Online Job Interview

Tactical Questions You Should Ask the Recruiter to Ace Your Phone Interview


P.S. Although most of these articles date back a few years, they still provide valuable and relevant career advice. Enjoy and good luck in your search!